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Regional Rail Working Group
A Consortium of Transit Advocacy Organizations

Access to the Region's Core
Penn Station - Grand Central Connection

Hoboken Alternative
Routing the new Hudson River passenger rail tunnels by way of NJ Transit's Hoboken Terminal could significantly reduce the cost of constructing the ARC project while serving the Jersey City-Hoboken waterfront business district—the state's largest. Continuing on to Grand Central creates a multi-stop route through the region's largest business centers.

Additional Comments on Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Study (SDEIS):
Submitted by Regional Rail Working Group April 28, 2008

Moynihan/Penn Station–Grand Central Connection:
Regional Rail Working Group presentation: April 2008

Penn Station-Grand Central Connection:
Map of Alternative G from the Major Investment Study (MIS) Summary Report

Regional Rail - Midtown Links:
Map map showing various proposals for through-running
regional rail links in Midtown Manhattan

Presentation by New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers:
to New Jersey Transportation Authority, with charts and tables

"Safe Egress From Deep Stations: Flawed Criteria in NFPA 130"
Paper discussing shortcomings in current National Fire Protection Association Code 130
when applied to egress from deep cavern stations, by Transportation Planner Herb Landow,
presented at Transportation Research Forum Annual Meeting, March 2006

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